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There are differences between our Elegant Premium Candles and our Value Line candles and they are:

1.       The vessels holding the wax sanitized and repurposed, jars, coffee mugs, pottery and faux crystal glassware,

2.      Instead of wooden wicks the Value Line uses Eco 100% all-natural cotton wicks,

3.      There are no lids on Value Line vessels,

4.      There is no free travel size candle included in the sale, and

5.      The gift box and gold tie and bow included with our Premium Line of candles is not included,

6.      Free shipping is not included.

Our Value Line of candles contains exactly the same 5-star rated posh all natural, safe, non-toxic fragrances and essential oils; long-burning, environmentally friendly, natural 100% soy and/or coconut waxes.

These Value Line candles are available in limited quantities at their low price and only when supplies last. We cannot guarantee which vessel(s) you will receive because we ship our Value Line candles on a first in-first out basis.

With your Value Line candle order and to help you choose your future fragrance choices you can choose a free sample of any of our premium fragrances in a 1mm glass vial containing at least .30 ml to a maximum of 1ml (dependent upon fragrance).


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