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In 2011 we started out making value-packed, candles using outstanding posh fragrances, 100% ECO soy and/or coconut waxes and natural Fsc-certified wooden and cotton wicks. As time went on we added other compatible products that also used our specially formulated fragrances.

Our mission is to continually exceed  customer's expectations and still offer our candles for a fraction of those high-priced, designer candles. We back our words with  a simple, full satisfaction, no hassle, replacement or Money Back Guarantee – should our candles not meet your standards.

Four reasons how we made Karma-Candles superior to paraffin candles?
1. ECO 100% Soy wax used in Karma-Candles burns slower, cooler and are safer than paraffin wax.
2. Our soy wax is pure 100% renewable, non-toxic soy vegetable wax that is clean burning and emits no toxic fumes when burning. Paraffin wax on the other hand, is made from petroleum and therefore emits CO2 and harmful carcinogen cancer causing compounds when burning. When paraffin burns it also emits black soot into your space and lungs.
3. When properly burned – following the instructions on the bottom of each candle – they burn completely whereas when paraffin candles burn, the resultant burn tunnels contain more unburned wax than burned wax.
4. We use certified Fsc wooden and cotton wicks that were tested for their compatibility with the soy wax and fragrance oils to ensure your satisfaction and to make Karma-Candles your candles of choice.

Once our fragrances meet your nose, you'll know you made the right choice. To date, our guiding principles have resulted in an ever growing customer base comprised of people who expect the best in candle ingredients and we go over the top to satisfy their wants and needs.


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