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are unique liquid drops formulated to amazingly convert a roll of toilet paper (TP) into an all natural, safe, “Odor Eraser” that eliminates bathroom stink and then, where you need it most and without any further involvement on your part, provides and maintains amazingly fresh smelling bathroom air – 24/7. Select your aromas from our list in a 3, 6 or 12 month supply dropper bottle. This new, inexpensive, thoroughly tested discovery is made and satisfaction guaranteed by Karma-Candles. For  more information and/or to buy, go to: www.etsy.com/shop/genesgifts

Provided you follow the guidelines and precise instructions that follow, TP Odor Eraser™ is guaranteed to  exceed your expectations and will do what dangerous toxic sprays. chemicals, essential oils, plug-ins, gadgets and devices haven’t and can't do.

You are the one who will determine how many drops of Odor Eraser™ you will apply to the roll of TP in order to achieve the fresh air aroma that best suits your taste and needs.


Even though the bottle labels state an average monthly yield I have no control over many factors that will finally determine your exact yield and how many TP rolls each bottle size will treat; Here are the approximate number of drops each size bottle will yield.

• A 15ml/1/2oz bottle contains about 320 drops.

• A 30ml/1oz bottle contains about 640 drops.

• A 60ml/2oz bottle contains about 1280 drops.

 Here now are some of the key and variable factors that effect how many TP rolls you can treat per bottle:

~ FRAGRANCES?: Different fragrances vary in their aroma strengths (aka “throws”). Some fragrances are more "powerful" than others and therefore you may use more or less than 8-24 drops per roll depending upon the following variables;

~ DIFFERENT NUMBER PLIES ON ROLLS OF TP?: They come in single ply, double ply or three ply. The more plies, the more drops you will use per roll.

~ NUMBER OF SHEETS IN THE ROLL?: TP is sold in a regular size, bonus size e.g. "twice as much per roll as regular rolls. The more sheets in a roll the more drops you will use per roll.

~ YOUR SENSE OF SMELL?: Senses of smell differ between people. Therefore, your sense of smell will determine how many drops of my liquid fragrance you want to apply to a roll to get a fragrance level for your sense of smell. TP Odor Eraser™ is concentrated, so, a little goes along way.

~ HOW LONG DOES A ROLL OF TP LAST YOU?: A typical household used an average of one regular size, two ply roll per person, per week. Your usage experience may be higher or lower.


From our comprehensive tests and customer feedbacks we've learned there are many variable factors only you could know about that contribute achieving the desired throw. These factors include:

  1. 1.  Whether the toilet paper is a regular size, double, or a huge bonus size roll

  2. 2.  The number of plies on the sheets

  3. 3. The size of the bathroom

  4. 4. The user's sense of smell (because senses of smell differ between people, different people want different aroma strengths—AKA “throws”).

Because of these variables you will need to run trials to determine how many drops of Odor Eraser™ drops you'll need to apply to the TP roll in order to give you the level of fresh air aroma that best meets your needs.

Tests and customer feedbacks suggest that regardless of the size roll you use, start by applying 8 to 12 drops and if, after a few days, the throw isn't strong enough for you, add 4 more drops per side, test for a few more days and if necessary keep repeating the 4 drops per side, each time waiting a few more days until you are satisfied.


1.      Get a roll of toilet paper and lay it on a flat surface with the core opening facing up.

2.      Choose the fragrance, fill the dropper, unscrew and remove dropper from bottle and face the glass tube up so no fragrance can drip out.


applying the drops pic

Here’s how you’ll do it . . .First, draw an imaginary straight line from the outside edge of one side of the roll straight to opposite outside edge. Whenever possible, place an equal amount of drops on each side of the cardboard core.


Begin lightly squeezing the dropper’s rubber bulb and dab the dropper tip to add drops, one by one, from one outside edge to the opposite outside edge, skipping over the cardboard core.  For example, if you decided to use 16 drops on the entire roll, you would place 4 drops on each side of the cardboard core, flip over and repeat for the other side (see picture --->)

When you finished treating the first edge flip the roll 180 degrees to its other side. Then when you've finished dotting the TP on both sides place the roll on the bathroom’s TP dispenser and allow about 4 hours for the fragrance liquid to thoroughly penetrate the roll.

The next day, pull off six squares of toilet paper and see how long it takes (about 5 to 15 minutes) to refresh the entire bathroom air.

After you treat one or two rolls of the exact TP you use, you can decide whether you need to add, lower or stay with the amount of drops to achieve your desired aroma strength,



TP Odor Eraser is made by Karma-Candles and is covered by their renowned guarantee. To review that guarantee, click HERE


Add a few drops of fragrance liquid onto a cotton ball, massage the cotton ball between your thumb and index finger and place in another area that needs some temporary air freshening like;  a room on a cruise ship, motel, hotel and dorm rooms, rented apartments, yachts, nursing homes, classrooms, vehicles, offices, etc.

One customer said she applys the drops to rolls of paper kitchen towels and her kitchen air is is kept as fresh and clean as the air in her bathroom.

Experiment by using fragrance combinations. Nothing says to be limited to only one fragrance. Mix and match scents for your own air freshening formula.

When doing your tests to determine the amount of drops that give you the desired results you seek we suggest that on a small slip of paper you write down the application date, TP roll size (Regular or Bonus), number of plies and how many drops you applied to each side. Then place that paper inside the cardboard core before placing the TP back on the dispenser. Always remember that TP Odor Eraser is fully guaranteed.

To order on-line any of the three sizes of TP Odor Eraser go to: https://www.etsy.com/shop/genesgifts


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