Whenever you use a small space where you aren’t allowed to burn candles (even wax melts), like; cruise ships, motels, hotels, dorms, rented apartments, yachts, nursing homes, classrooms, vehicles, offices, etc.) you can enjoy your fragrance by using our approved safe, Candle-Stix fragrance diffusers.

  The Benefits Of Our Candle-Stix:

·         Candle-Stix 3mm reeds are cut clean. This allows the Stix to diffuse the maximum amount of fragrance oil and silently disperse its aroma 24/7 in a safe, flameless, heat-free way to fill your space with the aroma of your choice.

·        Candle-Stix are the safest, most effective and inexpensive way to legally enjoy your fragrance.view of reed crossection

·     Candle-Stix are ecologically harvested all natural  premium rattan reeds. They each contain about 20 hollow mini-tubes that are guaranteed to fill and flawlessly disperse our proprietary “Inascent©” fragrance liquids. Their overall 3mm diameter contains about 20 microscopic inner tubes designed to provide maximum unobstructed bottom to top flow allowing even thicker reed diffuser oil liquids to effectively disperse into your space.

·     Candle-Stix and its fragrances oils are made by Karma-Candles and carry its renowned, hassle-free performance satisfaction guarantee.

· .100% Of the net proceeds from your Candle-Stix purchase benefits Humane Animal Treatment Charity, Inc. an ally of no-kill animal rescue  shelters.


  1. Remove the cork/screw top.

  2. Start by placing two Candle-Stix fully into liquid. Let them sit in liquid for about 30 minutes then remove them, flip them to the dry side and replace back into the liquid

  3. If used in a small space, After about an hour see if the aroma has filled you space. If you want the aroma (“throw”) to be stronger simply add more Stix  by adding as many more Stix into the bottle of liquid fragrance oil as you'd like. Obviously the more Stixs you use, the more fragrance is released, the stronger the fragrance throw but, the quicker the liquid is used up.

  4. Simply put your desired number of Candle-Stix™ into its specially designed bottle, and the specially formulated fragrance liquid will automatically fill up the Stix and release the aroma of your choice into the air.

  5. It will take more or less than a few days for the Stix to fully absorb the liquid and project maximum aroma This is due to the composition of various fragrances, the environment the Stix are used in and how long the Stix have been in the liquid plus other factors.


Specifications - Clear Bottle:


   Bottle Size: 22x40 mm (approximately 0.86 in. wide x 1.57 in. high)

   Bottle Opening: 12.5mm (approximately 0.86 in. wide x 1.57 in. high)

 Capacity: 7ml

XX precision cut 9" premium diffuser reeds.
• A several month supply of safe, posh, ECO friendly, all natural, , costly and proprietary "Inascent©" reed diffusing fragrance.
• An attractive small clear glass bottle with cork, safety airtight sealed to preserve fragrance oil freshness.
• Complete instructions to maximize fragrance throw.
• Velvet carry bag.
• The bottle's label confirms you are an animal lover who wants to help rescue animals.
• Refiills and/or additional reed Stix and your choice of fragrance oils are available by clicking HERE.


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